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Expedition organization to search for useful resources
Price: Every Expedition:
Clothing x 10                                                Fish Pie x 20
H-Q Tools x 10                                                         
Logs x 20 

Meat Pie x 20      Vegetable Pie x 20 
                           Water x 50

One you have a Port and built a ship you can arrange for an expedition to gain access to different types of Fruits, or Crops. or Domesticated Animals

Expedition Preparations[]

  1. Set the goal - will this expedition search for New Fruits, New Crops, or new Species of domestic animals?
    Expedition 01 Set Goal.jpg
  2. Prepare - Gather the resources required to "support" the expedition and get your builders to safely stow them aboard ship.
    Expedition 02 Prepare.jpg
  3. Expedition Departs - (for almost a year)
    Expedition 04 Departs.jpg
  4. Expedition Returns! - Success
    Expedition Sucessful Pigs.jpg

Expedition Rewards[]

  • Expedition rewards in the base game include

Domestic animals[]

  • Cow produces milk and meat eats Grass/Hay
  • Sheep produce wool and meat, eats Grass/Hay
  • Pig produce meat, eat Oats
  • Donkey



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