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Vegetables, crops and building material gathering during warm seasons.
Capacity: Varies from 1 to 12+

The Field is one of the Buildings in the game Forest Village.

The Field allows you to grow several crops which produce food and resources:

Standard Crops[]


Right To maximize the efficiency of your of your fields, it is recommended to design your farms considering the amount of farmers used in the field.

  • The number needed is shown in GOLD when you are laying out the field
  • 7 potatoes per a field, 3 of any others per a field. Therefore, 13x15 field will produce (13-2)x(15-2)*7 = 11x13x7 = 1001 Potatoes or 429 of any others.
    • Note: substract 2 from field length because fences occupy cells of periphery.
  • For 1 farmer, the maximum field size is 11×17. It will produce 945 Potatoes or 405 of any other crops assuming one harvest per season.
  • For 2 farmer, the maximum field size is 15×18. It will produce 1456 Potatoes or 624 of any other crops assuming one harvest per season.
  • Other research has found that the following field sizes are optimal in terms of maximizing the amount of land that can be worked by each farmer.
  • The feudal "Are" is 1/100th of a Hectare. (An Acre is .4 Hectares)
Field Size Max Workers Ares Ares/Worker
10 x 19 1 136 136
13 x 21 2 209 104.5
14 x 25 3 276 92
14 x 31 4 348 87
21 x 24 5 418 83.6
20 x 29 6 486 81

NOTE: for startup, build fields of size 13x14, adjacent to a house, barn and well; you will be able to harvest your whole field in time with a yield of approx. 900


  • A Scarecrow will improve the field's yield (growing rate).
  • A nearby well will also improve yields as farmers can irrigate their crops more effectively.

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