Life is Feudal: Forest Village Wiki

Forest Village is a game being created and developed by Forest Village Game. Forest Village is a medieval city-building survival strategy game


In the Forest Village you lead a group of people who set off in search of new lands. Your group has arrived in a boat carrying all resources necessary for survival – food, tools, clothes and construction materials. They will help the people to establish a new settlement and ensure its prosperity.

Begin construction of your village with a few houses. They will protect the settlers from bad weather and give them a place to cook food, take rest and warm up. Think over and plan the development of your settlement. Take care of inhabitants and do everything possible to provide them with everything they need.

The new lands are full of resources that you can use. Minerals will be used by the settlers to build and expand the city; meat, mushrooms and berries will satisfy hunger. Your workers can both collect resources from the surface, and extract them from the ground in mines and quarries.



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