Life is Feudal: Forest Village Wiki

Package is a file with *.pak extension which represent a directory as one file.
There are no difference for game between real directory and package with same content.

How to extract files[]

It can be useful for modding purpose to extract some of package. Is a good way to know what is done, what you can use and learn how can you do the same.

  1. Download [QuickBMS program]
  2. Download [Forest Village BMS Script]
  3. Exctract Quickbms where you want
  4. Create a folder for extracted files where you want
  5. Run "quickbms.exe" and follow instructions:
    1. Select "" and click on "Open" button
    2. Select *.pak file you want to extract (they are all in Steam\steamapps\common\Life is Feudal Forest Village) and click on "Open" button
    3. Select the folder where you want to extract and click on "Save" button
    4. Waiting to see "Press ENTER or close the window to quit" and do what that say.