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Primitive tools are crafted in the Carpenter's Shop

Tools are used by villagers to carry out work in Forest Village.

If tool supply is exhausted, villagers will suffer a decrease in productivity.

Resources per tool[]

Direct Intermediates Raw Materials
Primitive tools 1 Logs

1 Stone

N/A 1 Logs

1 Stone

High-quality tools 1 Logs

2 Ore

1 Cast iron

Cast iron 3 Logs

4 Ore

Steel tools 1 Logs

1 Steel

Steel 5 Logs

4 Ore


  • Each player starts the game with a small number of high-quality tools. It should be a priority in early game to establish a Carpenter's Shop to satisfy demand whilst you work toward producing high-quality tools.
  • Tools are kept in the Barn. Try to keep a supply of tools close to where villagers are completing work to achieve a small gain in efficiency due to shortened travel time.
  • If you want to reduce time to produce tools - in the Keep you can research Tool Production under the production technology tree. This only impacts the Blacksmith's Shop and Castle Smithy, it doesn't help producing the components or Primitive tools.

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